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2011-2012 Sheepfold Gleanings

Carl and Julie Parker have great insight into scripturual concepts and shine great insight into the depths of scripture. We pray that you will be blessed by their teachings.


All materials are protected by copyright and are owned or licensed by Sheepfold Gleanings. Except as expressly permitted under these terms, any use of such materials is prohibited without our written consent. You are granted a limited, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use, copy, and distribute any complete page or, where a document consists of more than one page, any complete document contained in this book, including related graphics, subject to the following conditions: 1. Copying or distributing less than a complete page or (where a document consists of more than one page) the complete document is prohibited; 2. The copyright notice set forth above and this permission notice must appear on all copies; 3. Use, copying and distribution shall be solely for informational, non-commercial purposes; and 4. No graphics elements on this book may be used without express written consent.

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1 Tzav - Cammand Julie Parker
2 Vayikra - And He Called Julie Parker
3 Pekudei - Reckonings Julie Parker
4 Vayakhel - And he Assembled Julie Parker
5 Ki Tisa - When You Take Julie Parker
6 Tetzaveh - You Shall Command Julie Parker
7 Terumah - Portions Julie Parker
8 Mishpatim - Ordinances Julie Parker
9 Yitro - Jethro Julie Parker
10 Beshalach - When He Sent Julie Parker
11 Bo - Come Julie Parker
12 Va'eira - And I Appeared Julie Parker
13 Shemot - The Names Julie Parker
14 Vayechi - And He Lived Julie Parker
15 Vayigash - He Approached Julie Parker
16 Miketz - At The End Julie Parker
17 Vayeshev - He Dwelt Julie Parker
18 Vayishilach - He Sent Julie Parker
19 Vayeitzei - And He Departed Julie Parker
20 Toldot - Generations Julie Parker
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